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Stardupp Wakeboard/Kneeboard Rope/Line


This Stardupp line can be used for both wakeboarding and kneeboarding. The main line consists of 4 sections and can be adjusted to your ideal length. This 4-section line of 21.3 metres is highly visible in the water and made of floating Poly E material, which means the rope has little, but still some stretch. This is ideal for kneeboarders and novice wakeboarders, as it is a bit more forgiving.

This line is equipped with a tow hook handle which is a must for an easy start when kneeboarding behind the boat. You hook this extra handle behind the hook holder on your board. This set has a comfortable 30mm ø handle with EVA foam for extra comfort and grip. The line comes with a free rope keeper so you never have to untangle your line again when taking it out of storage.

  • EVA Foam handle, 30mm diameter
  • Handle 38,1 cm, 15 inch wide
  • Handle fitted with 2 floats
  • Extra tow hook for kneeboarding
  • Floating line
  • Length: 70ft | 21.3m
  • Maximum force: 1600 lbs | 725 kg
  • 4-section line, handle part 5ft, mainline 55ft, adjustable 5ft + 5ft
  • Includes rope keeper
Article codeSD-143