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Stardupp B-Zip Flex Shorty 3/2mm Wetsuit Men

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    Stardupp B-Zip Flex Shorty 3/2mm Wetsuit Men


    Stardupp B-Zip Flex Shorty 3/2mm is the wetsuit for those looking for an easy wetsuit at a competitive price. Designed to prevent water from seeping in. The wide Backzip opening makes putting the suit on and off very easy.

    The wetsuit has a thickness of 3mm at the upper body and 2mm at the arms and legs. With a chest panel made of Wind mesh, this wetsuit offers better protection against wind chill because of the closed-cell neoprene used. The neoprene panels are constructed with no overlap and use wide, strong stitching to create a very strong frictionless connection. The aquaseal at the neck prevents water from seeping in. In addition, the panels are folded stitched, leaving soft rounded edges in the neck area.

    It is important that a wetsuit fits properly. The golden rule is: it should fit snugly, but will not take away freedom of movement in the process. A suit that is too tight is not comfortable and makes movement difficult. If your wetsuit is too loose, water will seep in and your body will cool down quickly. The resistance then also increases, making movement more difficult. To prevent water ingress, it is important that the neck and sleeves fit snugly against the skin. Always bear in mind that a wetsuit stretches, so a slightly tighter wetsuit is better than a slightly looser one.

    • Back-zip
    • Velcro collar closure
    • Aqua seal neck
    • Wind mash chest panel
    • 3/2 mm
    Article codeSD-152-XS