The Perfect Size Airtrack

Regardless of your skill level, StardUpp has the ideal Airtrack for you. For beginners, we developed the StardUpp Flow Airtrack, which is 10 cm high and is a great choice for those just starting their journey in gymnastics. For more experienced gymnasts or those looking for extra support, we recommend the StardUpp Airtrack Elite PRO, which is 20 cm high, providing extra stability and safety. Each model, precisely designed and manufactured with an eye for detail, is 1 meter wide and available in various lengths. Stardupp's airtracks are available in the following thicknesses and lengths:

StardUpp Flow Airtrack:

3 meters (1m x 3m)

4 meters (1m x 4m)

5 meters (1m x 5m)

StardUpp Elite PRO Airtrack:

3 meters (1m x 3m)

4 meters (1m x 4m)

Complete Airtrack set including accessories

A StardUpp Airtrack is more than just a training mat. It is a top-quality complete package. In addition to the airtrack itself, you also get a high-quality electric pump for fast inflation, a repair kit for emergencies, a handy valve wrench, and a durable carry bag for easy transport. Additionally, each set comes with a detailed manual in Dutch. And if you're looking for an even more comprehensive training experience, try the Airtrack connector to connect multiple mats together.

Why Choose StardUpp Airtrack?

With StardUpp, you're not just choosing a product but the most well-known inflatable brand currently available in the Dutch market. As a market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, we have set the bar high. By delivering directly from our warehouse, we guarantee fast shipping and the best prices for every airtrack in our range. Each airtrack product is subjected to strict quality controls, which is why we confidently offer a 3-year warranty on all StardUpp products.

StardUpp Airtrack Safety

We understand that safety is paramount, especially in intensive sports like gymnastics. That's why we've ensured our airtracks are made from high-quality PVC drop stitch. This results in excellent shock absorption, minimizing the impact on the body and reducing the risk of injuries.

StardUpp Airtrack Makes Training Amazing

Sport is not just about being fit but also about having fun. With StardUpp Airtracks, every training session becomes an enjoyable experience. Our Airtrack mats are designed to be easily transportable and are simple to set up. This means you can spend more time doing what's really important: training! The lightweight nature of our Airtracks also makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in the world of gymnastics or an experienced professional looking to hone your skills, the StardUpp Airtrack is your perfect training partner.

The StardUpp Airtrack for Various Sports

The versatility of the StardUpp Airtrack knows no bounds. Our inflatable sports mats are not just perfect for gymnastics and tumbling but also for other activities such as freerunning, yoga, judo, and karate. For freerunners, it provides the ideal surface for practicing complex movements and flips safely. Yoga enthusiasts will appreciate the extra comfort and stability during their sessions. Judo and karate practitioners can now safely practice their throws, katas, and other techniques with minimal strain on their joints. No matter your sport or level, the StardUpp Airtrack will enhance your experience.

Freerun with StardUpp Airtrack

Perfect for practicing movements like flips in the park or at home, thanks to its durability and portability.

Yoga on StardUpp Airtrack

Experience extra comfort and stability for a wide range of yoga poses, with the assurance of quality and a 3-year warranty.

Practice your Judo Techniques with StardUpp's Airtrack

Practice throws and fall techniques safely and effectively on the shock-absorbing StardUpp Airtrack.

Karate on StardUpp Airtrack

Ideal for fast movements, katas, and punch and kick techniques while minimizing the strain on your joints.

Optimal Grip on Stardupp Airtrack for Katas

With the StardUpp Airtracks, you can trust that your feet will stay firmly on the ground during katas. The non-slip surface is specially designed to prevent slipping, which is essential for the stability and accuracy of your kata performances. Imagine performing a fast and complex kata; a small misstep can affect the entire performance. Thanks to the reliability of the StardUpp surface, you can focus on perfecting your techniques instead of worrying about the ground.

Airtracks from StardUpp are Resilient for Jumping Kicks

The spring-like properties of the StardUpp Airtrack are exceptional. For karatekas constantly striving for improvement, this springiness provides an added benefit. Every jump, spin, or kick is supported, allowing you to move with more force and height. Practicing jump kicks can, of course, be challenging. That's why the StardUpp Airtrack provides maximum support so you can push yourself to achieve new heights and levels of technical skill. And the best part? You do all this with a reduced risk of injury, thanks to the cushioning qualities of the sustainably developed airtrack material. The physical demands of karate are not to be underestimated. The speed, power, and repetitive motions can strain your joints and muscles over time. The cushioning properties of the Airtrack significantly reduce this strain. This means you can do more repetitions, train longer, and overall follow a healthier training path. For both beginner and advanced karatekas, this benefit is crucial as it reduces the chance of long-term injuries and allows for consistently high-level performance.