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Stardupp Floating Eyeglass Cord

Essential for on the water!
Worried about losing your glasses during your beloved water sports activities? With the Stardupp floating glasses lanyard, you can reassuringly attach any glasses securely to your head. Made of soft and elastic material that feels incredibly comfortable, you'll hardly notice it's there. And if it does unexpectedly end up in the water, this eyewear lanyard possesses enough buoyancy to keep your glasses safely afloat.


  • High buoyancy: The foam-filled lanyard is suitable for floating almost any type of glasses and sunglasses, including those with metal frames and glass lenses (up to 50 grams).
  • Easy to use: Easily attach the silicone tubes by pushing them onto the glasses' legs. Pull the cord tight and you are ready to go for any water sports activity.
  • Durable: The cord is made of woven neoprene filled with foam. This makes it feel soft and remains flexible no matter how many times you use it.

Don't let the fear of losing your goggles hold you back any longer. Invest in the Stardupp Floating Glasses lanyard and enjoy your beloved water sports activities to the fullest.

These stylish SUP accessories are available in 3 stylish colours: fluorescent lime, fluorescent orange and classic black. Choose the colour that best suits your style and hit the water with confidence.

Don't lose your keys either!
Also let your keys float safely on the surface using the Stardupp Key Floater.

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