STARDUPP - Quality SUP Boards, Wakeboards, Waterskis and more at a fair price!

STARDUPP was founded by a group of water sports enthusiasts, with several shops in Europe, who together share the water sports passion of paddle boarding (supping on sup board), wakeboarding and water skiing. After years of sales experience with the necessary SUP Boards, Wakeboards and Waterskis of various brands, the big frustration started. Quality products like SUP Boards and Wakeboards became more expensive every year and for many people unaffordable! So in 2015 we decided that this can and should be different! Buy quality products for water sports enthusiasts ourselves and then sell them directly to consumers. That way, quality SUP Boards, Wakeboards, Waterskis and SUP Accessories, among others, would become affordable again! Stardupp was born....

Stardupp keeps the costs low so it is now possible to buy SUP Boards, Wakeboards, Waterskis and SUP Accessories with a great price-quality ratio! The SUP Boards are even qualitatively much better than the well known SUP Boards and that for a better price! Stardupp SUP Boards also come with standard SUP Accessories, which many other brands of SUP Boards do not have! Suppen has become even more popular (also because of Corona) and the inflatable SUP Boards are now our main products. Together with our experts & manufacturer, we have developed a special Stardupp USL Fusion Technology for an inflatable SUP Board. So SUP Boards become even lighter, stiffer, more stable, stronger and more durable than before !

Because we are convinced of our quality products, Stardupp gives you 3 years warranty! This in contrast to the usual 1 year that is given by many other brands!

STARDUPP: start your adventure now!