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Stardupp Star child waterski


For children who want to learn to water ski and parents who want their children to start quickly, we recommend the Stardupp Star water ski. The shape of the water ski is designed to make it easy to start. With very little power you can already turn corners so you have fun right away. You can also use the special trainer connector provided to mount the skis together, making learning to water ski extra easy. The Stardupp Star makes everyone, from beginners to experts, feel like a pro.

The Star is a combination ski set. As the name suggests, they can be used for a combination of ski styles. The shape of the water ski is designed to give you extra buoyancy and easy launching. They have a wider tip for control and balance on the go. The binding is made of sturdy and flexible material so anyone with shoe size up to 40 can start right away. A slalom binding is mounted on 1 water ski, so you don't need to buy a separate slalom ski!

These water skis have fins on the bottom that help to maintain control and balance, keeping you upright and straight and making steering easier. The tunnel concave structure at the bottom of the ski makes them stick to the water and turn super comfortable. Tunnel concave water skis have a centre concave and two flat spots on each side. This makes them sail straight and smooth at many speeds and stay higher on the water. The large beveled edge makes it easier to switch from side to side and provides an easy transition while making a turn.


  • Length: 137.2 cm (54")
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Number in set: 2 water skis, including 1 suitable for slalom
  • Extra accessory: trainer connector
  • Suitable for a weight of 65 kg (combo) to 60 kg (slalom)


  • The binding is suitable for shoe size up to 40
Article codeSD-015
length (cm)137.2 cm
Width (cm)17 cm
Max. payload (kg)65 kg (combo) to 60 kg (slalom)
Binding sizetot 40 EU