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Stardupp Racing US Fin Orange

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Stardupp Racing US Fin Orange

The Stardupp Racing US Fin Orange is a US BOX universal fin for SUP. A universal fin for touring/racing activities. When touring and racing, the priority is mainly on sailing in a straight line, so you want a fin that allows the board to follow as closely as possible. A stiff fin with a large surface area, a long base and a long leading edge, is then preferred. This type of fin offers good resistance to the extra force applied by the paddler at higher speeds, making the board follow better.

The Stardupp Racing fin is made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon, which makes it strong and bends minimally. While SUPing, more pressure is put on the sup on the side where you paddle. This force is also applied to the fin, which will allow it to bend slightly. The more the fin bends the more effect this will have on speed and course keeping of the SUP.

This racing fin also has a larger Rake than standard slide-in fins. The rake is the curvature of the back of the fin. It is the distance between the end of the base and the end of the back of the fin (tip). The greater the rake, the closer the tip of the fin is to the tail of your board. Ideal for maximum grip and ability to hold a direction while maintaining speed.

To ensure that the drag of the fin remains minimal, the Stardupp Racing fin is equipped with extra foil. The foil is the rounding in the thickness of the fin, the more rounding, the better the water flows along the fin. 

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