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Stardupp 12V Li-ion battery pump rechargeable

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    Stardupp 12V Li-ion battery pump rechargeable.

    The ultimate solution for inflating your paddleboard. Experience effortless and efficient inflation with our advanced "Stardupp 12V Li-ion Battery Pump Rechargeable". Designed with the latest technology and superior features, this pump is the perfect companion for all your stand-up paddleboard adventures.

    With an adjustable pressure range of 0 to 16 PSI, you have full control over the desired firmness of your paddleboard for optimal performance on the water. Powered by a reliable rechargeable Li-ion battery with 6000 mAh capacity, the pump guarantees long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly looking for power sources and inflate up to 4-6 SUPs with this pump.

    The "Stardupp 12V Li-ion Battery Pump Rechargeable" is packed with convenient features, including an LCD screen for clear and accurate pressure readings, the ability to inflate and deflate, a rechargeable battery for convenience on the go and an LVD light for better visibility during nighttime inflations. With the built-in USB connection, you can even charge your phone with this pump.

    The pump comes with a 100 cm hose for convenient inflation and an AC charger, which allows you to charge the pump via a standard wall socket. In addition, the pump can also be connected to the car's 12v/cigarette lighter.

    With a powerful airflow capability, our pump offers fast inflation and deflation for your SUP board. It delivers an impressive airflow of 350(A)L/min up to 1PSi and 70(B)L/min to pump the higher pressures, allowing quick installation and packing times.

    This allows an inflation time of a 10.10 Sup of 15cm thick :
    For 10 PSI: Expect about 10 minutes for full inflation.
    For 15 PSI: Expect about 15 minutes for full inflation.

    Product size: Designed with portability in mind, our pump has compact dimensions of 25.2 * 17.4 * 13.3 mm, so you can easily take it anywhere during your adventures.

    Weighing just 3kg, our pump offers the perfect balance of functionality and portability, making it effortless to transport and store.

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