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Stardupp Pro Leash


With the Stardupp Pro Leash, you don't have to worry about losing your SUP board when unexpectedly ending up in the water. This spiral leash minimizes interference during paddling, providing you with maximum freedom of movement. This high-quality ankle strap features a sturdy Velcro closure and a powerful spiral cable with an impressive extendability of up to 3 meters.

Key features of the Stardupp Pro Leash:

  • TPU Spiral Cable: A powerful TPU spiral cable extendable up to 3 meters. A significant advantage of TPU is its flexibility, making it practically unbreakable. Additionally, it retains its fixed shape and offers shock absorption, ensuring a robust and durable leash.
  • Rotating Coupling Points: The leash has freely rotating coupling points on both sides of the cord, preventing the leash from tangling and providing you with ultimate freedom of movement while paddling.
  • Extra Thick Ankle Strap: The durable and comfortable ankle strap of the Stardupp Pro Leash features a robust Velcro closure, ensuring a secure fit and easy on and off.

You can confidently enjoy your SUP sessions, knowing that this leash is designed with your comfort and safety as a priority.

Choose convenience, safety, and ultimate comfort on the water with the Stardupp Pro Leash, the perfect accessory to prevent your SUP board from drifting away while you enjoy delightful journeys on the water.

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