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Stardupp Bravo Super Double Action pump


The Stardupp Super double action SUP Pump is a hand pump with a double action, which will have your boat or SUP inflated in no time. With the easy-flip, the pump is easy to set to the double-action function, this allows you to inflate your inflatable twice as fast. With its deflate function, you easily suck all the air out of your inflatable. With its sleek design, it completes any inflatable watersports kit. Start Your Adventure!  

The pump features removable handles. This combined with its light weight makes it very easy to transport. The pump has a bayonet closure, ideal for SUPs, kayaks and dinghies. The pump holds up to 29 psi and a pressure gauge is included. 

  • double action: adjustable between single (push only) and double (push and pull); 
  • deflate: can also be used to suck air out of an inflatable
  • Capacity:2x 2.5 litres
  • Pressure:max 29 psi.
Article codeSD-069