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Stardupp triple Action Pump

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Stardupp Triple Action Pump


The Triple Action Pump from Stardupp is the pump for those who want to pump as efficiently as possible. This pump is intended to inflate your SUP or kayak very quickly and easily. With the capacity to pump up to 29 psi, this pump is suitable for almost any inflatable item. The pump has removable handles and a removable base. This makes it possible to store or carry it compactly and efficiently.




Suitable for isup, kitesurf, inflatable tent, kayak, boat.

Compact efficient design

Patent design, removable handle and base. Significantly reduces the packet size.

Special inflation design, faster and easier inflation.

Triple action system. (Triple Action System)

Functions: Inflate and Deflate

Extra resistant inflation hose. Length: 1.25 m

New adapter and connect design provide better airtightness;

Capacity: 2*(1800+1800)cc-2*(1.8L+1.8L)

Maximum pressure: 2.0 bar (29 psi)

Recommended use:


Step 1, using both chambers and both actions, up to 1-5 psi, high capacity, very fast inflation is possible.

Step 2, using double chambers and single actions, up to 10 psi, median pressure, easy and comfortable pumping.

Step 3, using single bodies and single actions, can be easily inflated to 29 psi

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