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Stardupp Connect Pump 12V

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Stardupp Electric Pump 12V 16-Psi

The Stardupp Connect Pump 12V 16-Psi with digital display is the ideal pump for iSUPs, kayaks, boats and platforms. The pump has been specially developed for products with a high air pressure, such as SUPs and kayak. The pump can inflate items up to 16-Psi. In addition, you can connect the pump to a 12V cigarette lighter / plug of a car. Or on the battery of, for example, your boat or car with the alligator clips. The pump is made of ABS and nylon material and is therefore resistant to salt water corrosion. The pump has a display with a pressure gauge so you can keep an eye on the progress. To use the pump, set the desired pressure by means of the push buttons and the pump will switch itself off when it is reached. The pump has a Bayonet Adapter for all common high pressure valves. 

Please note that this pump can also be connected to 230V mains voltage by means of the Stardupp SUP Pump Adapter.

- Air pressure adjustable up to 16 psi.

- With automatic switch-off when the set pressure is reached.

- 12v pump

- Power low / no pressure 100 l / min

- Power high pressure 1 Psi./min

- Cigarette lighter / 12v plug for car

- Bayonet Adapter for all common high pressure valves.

- Robust pressure hose with rotary closure.

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