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Stardupp SUP Trolley Backpack Deluxe

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Stardupp SUP Trolley Backpack Deluxe

Get the weight of your shoulders with the Stardupp SUP Trolley Backpack Deluxe. Carry all your SUP equipment in the most versatile ways; drag the bag behind you on its wheels, or on your back when the terrain get’s rougher. Firmly tie your SUP, Pump and Peddle inside the bag with 2 adjustable inner straps, while the front pocket gives space for accessories.

The extra guard on the bottom ensures the protection of your equipment while rolling it on the wheels and an extra waistband makes sure the weight of your gear is spread equally over your upper body, while carrying it as a backpack.

The main pocket gives you a superabundant amount of space. De pocket has a volume of 110L and dimensions: 104 x 40 x 28cm. The front pocket is: 56 x 31 x 10cm

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