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Stardupp Sloep Funtube Rope 8m


Enjoy Your Funtubes Safely and Easily The Stardupp Sloep Funtube Rope 8m is a specially developed tow line for pulling funtubes behind sloops and slowly moving boats. This special short funtube tow line is ideal when you don't want or can't go too fast. The funtube can be towed much closer behind the boat, making it not only more enjoyable but also safer when encountering other traffic on the water. This funtube tow rope is designed for both 1- and 2-person funtubes and offers all the features you need for carefree fun on the water.

  • Safety First: Safety is our priority, keeping the funtube line short will reduce the risk of encountering other traffic, and this line is made of highly visible yellow rope. This ensures the line remains highly visible in the water at all times.
  • Durable and Buoyant: The line is made of floating rope, so you never have to worry about it getting caught in a boat motor propeller. An additional foam floater is added to keep the line even more buoyant, allowing you to focus entirely on the fun.
  • Strong and Reliable: With an impressive breaking strength of 700 kg, this line is strong and reliable, suitable for all types ofFuntubes. The 16-strand construction ensures durability and performance.
  • Convenient and Neat Storage: No more hassle with storing your line. The Stardupp Sloep Funtube Rope 8m comes with a rope keeper, allowing you to neatly store the funtube line with all your other Funtubeaccessories and always be ready for your next adventure.

Choose the Stardupp Sloep Funtube Rope 8m and experience unparalleled towing comfort and safety during your funtube adventures. Order today and get ready for endless fun on the water!

If you have an outboard motor and/or 2 attachment points on the rear of your boat, you will need to use arope bridle. The bridle tow line has 2 hooks that attach to the boat. By using an attachment point with a pulley, the tow point is neatly centered. For higher speeds or heavier weights, choose theTow Demon.

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