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Stardupp Kayak Paddle Olive


Stardupp Kayak Paddle


Paddle Your Way to Adventure!
Navigate the waters with confidence using the Stardupp Kayak Paddle, crafted with an aluminum shaft and Nylon PP blades. With a total length of 230 cm, this paddle is suitable for most kayaks, ensuring a smooth and efficient paddling experience. The paddle features a four-piece design, making it easy to disassemble and transport wherever your aquatic adventures take you.

The asymmetrical dihedral blades set this paddle apart, offering a unique design for enhanced performance. The blades are narrower on one side, featuring a central rib that promotes smoother water flow, maintaining a consistent surface area as it pushes through the water. This design minimizes flutter, providing stability for straight-line paddling. Drip rings are included to prevent water from constantly dripping onto your hands, ensuring a comfortable grip throughout your journey.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum shaft: for durability and lightweight performance.
  • Nylon PP dihedral blades: with an asymmetrical design for improved water flow.
  • Total length of 230 cm:, suitable for various kayak models.
  • Four-piece construction: for easy disassembly and convenient transportation.
  • Drip rings: to keep water from dripping onto your hands during paddling sessions.

Embark on your kayaking adventures with the Stardupp Kayak Paddle – the perfect companion for exploring the open waters. Enjoy reliable performance, ease of transport, and a design that enhances your paddling experience.

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