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Stardupp Paddle Bag

Stardupp Paddle Bag - your Paddles Optimally Protected
The Stardupp Paddle Bag is the perfect companion to keep your SUP paddle safe. Made from oxford fabric, this bag is hard-wearing and durable, giving your paddles the best protection. The soft foam padding provides ultimate protection for your paddles, and the extra pocket protects the paddle blade from scratches.

With 5 Velcro closures, your paddle parts will stay firmly in place, while the double zip closure ensures easy access to your paddle when you need it. The bag features a very strong nylon handle making it effortless to carry.Whether you're heading out for your next SUP adventure or just want to store your paddles safely, the Paddle Bag will complete your gear.

Suitable for 3-piece SUP paddles, this Paddle Bag measures 96 x 27 cm, providing enough space for even the longest paddles. With the Stardupp Paddle Bag, you can protect and transport your paddle with confidence, and you will always be ready for your next adventure on the water.

Order today and keep your paddles in top condition!


Improve your grip and go for more comfort during your paddling sessions
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