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Stardupp Carbon Pro Kayak Paddle


Stardupp Carbon Pro Kayak Paddle


Looking for a robust high performance kayak paddle? Then Stardupp Carbon Pro Kayak Paddle is the paddle for you. This paddle is unprecedentedly light, stiff and stable. Designed to be comfortable during long stretches of paddling; which is especially useful during a full-day trip or a multi-day trip.

The Stardupp Carbon Pro Kayak paddle has a shaft made of a carbon and fibreglass composite. This makes the paddle stronger lighter and stiffer than one made of aluminium.The length is adjustable between 220 and 240cm this makes the paddle suitable for different length kayakers, different width kayaks for both a high powerful stroke and a lower quieter stroke. The paddle features a 45 cutting connection. This is the latest technique used at both connections of the paddle's blades. With this technique, the paddle is reduced in weight while increasing rigidity and strength.

The blades are designed with an asymmetric dihedral blade. This is a relatively narrow blade that is shorter on one side and features a ridge in the middle. This makes the surface of the blade more even as it pushes through the water. Because of the ribbing, the water flows smoothly and evenly over both halves of the blade. Blades without this rib flutter more, making it harder to keep sailing straight. The angle of the blades can be changed to reduce the drag of the blade being out of the water, and drip rings ensure that water does not constantly drip off the blades onto your hands.

  • Carbon glass fibre composite shaft
  • Nylon PP dihedral blades
  • adjustable between 220 - 240 cm
  • 45 degree cutting connections for the blades
  • adjustable angle
  • drip rings
  • 4 pieces
Article codeSD-114
length (cm)220-240cm
Shaft materialcarbon/composite, 70% carbon, 30% glasfiber
Blade materialNylon PP
Length separate parts (cm)steel 1: 81cm. || steel 2: 53cm. || bladen 66,5 cm.