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Stardupp Boss kneeboard Oranje


Stardupp Boss kneeboard Oranje


The Stardupp Boss kneeboard is the ideal kneeboard to get started with. The Boss is a great kneeboard for beginner to intermediate kneeboarders. This board's excellent buoyancy makes starting easy. Due to its light weight, taking it with you on your trip or to your car is no problem. The board is just the right size for most older children, teenagers and adults, this makes it the perfect kneeboard to share.

 The wide front of the board makes it easy to stay stable on any ride. The fins on the bottom of the board create the ideal grip for kneeboarding. The board features a foam seat for ideal comfort while kneeboarding. The hook-holder at the top of the board is designed to make it easy to get the perfect start. The strap on top is wide enough to hold on to, but narrow enough to turn easily and quickly. With this kneeboard, you will be a BOSS on the water without a doubt! 

Specifications :

  • Deep hook-holder makes it easier to get started
  • Fins moulded into the board for extra grip
  • Single kneeboard strap
  • Comfortable foam knee cushion
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Maximum user weight 100 kg
  • Board length: 125 cm
  • Board width: 52 cm
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