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Stardupp B-Zip Flex Fullsuit 5/4mm Wetsuit

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Stardupp B-Zip Flex Fullsuit 5/4mm Wetsuit


With the Stardupp B-Zip Flex Fullsuit 5/4mm Wetsuit, you can enjoy even the coldest days on the water. With this winter wetsuit, you won't miss out on any beautiful day. Stay warm while surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, or kneeboarding, without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement. The Stardupp B-Zip Flex Fullsuit 5/4mm wetsuits are extremely suitable for early spring, late autumn, and mild winter conditions. They are equipped with extra thick neoprene to keep you warm during these cold sessions. Whether you're braving the waves or simply enjoying a cool day on the water, the Stardupp B-Zip Flex Fullsuit 5/4mm Wetsuit offers the protection and freedom of movement you need for a great time on the sea, lake, canal, or river. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with this functional and stylish wetsuit.

Key features:

  • Easy Access with Zipper: With a convenient back zipper, putting on and taking off your watersportsclothing is effortless. This provides more convenience and less hassle, so you can quickly get into the water.
  • Wind Protection: Thesewetsuits are equipped with a windmesh chest and back panel, providing extra protection against the cold wind. This keeps your upper body warm while maintaining the necessary flexibility.
  • Aqua Seal Closure: Thanks to the aqua seal at the legs, arms, and neck, you are assured of an excellent seal. This effectively prevents water from entering the wetsuit, keeping you dry and warm during your winter adventures.
  • Unisex Design: The unisex design makes these neoprene suits suitable as both men's and women's wetsuits.

It's important for a wetsuit to fit well. The golden rule is: it should be snug, but not restrict movement. A suit that is too tight is uncomfortable and hampers movement. If your wetsuit is too loose, water will enter and your body will quickly cool down. The resistance also increases, making movement more difficult. To prevent water from entering, it's important that the neck and sleeves fit snugly against the skin. Always keep in mind that a wetsuit stretches, so a slightly tighter wetsuit is better than a slightly looser one.

Practical accessories like neopreneshoes complete the combination, making it perfect for winter watersports.

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