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Stardupp Volt youth/adult waterski


Stardupp has developed the special VOLT water ski for youth and smaller adults. The Volt is a combination ski set. As the name suggests, they can be used for a combination of skiing types. The shape of the water ski is designed in such a way that you have extra buoyancy and can start easily. They have a wider tip for control and balance while underway. A slalom binding is mounted on 1 water ski, so you don't have to buy a separate slalom ski! The binding is made of sturdy and flexible material, making it easy for anyone with shoe sizes 37 to 46 to start. The Stardupp Volt will make everyone from beginners to experts feel like pros.

These waterskis have fins on the bottoms that help to maintain control and balance so you stay upright and straight and make turning easier. Due to the tunnel structure at the bottom of the ski, they stick to the water and turn super comfortable.Tunnel concave water skis have a center concave and two flat spots on each side. Tunnel concave skis ride straight and smooth at lots of speeds and sit up higher in the water. The large beveled edge makes it easier to shift from edge to edge causing an easy transition while making a turn.


  • Length: 157.5 cm (62 ")
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Number in set: 2 water skis, 1 of which is suitable for slalom
  • Suitable for a weight of 35 kg to 110 kg (combo) and 35 kg to 90 kg (slalom)


  • The binding is suitable for shoe sizes 37 to 46
Article codeSD-014
length (cm)157.5 cm
Width (cm)18 cm
Max. payload (kg)110 kg (combo) / 90 kg (slalom)
Binding sizeEU 37 - 46