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Stardupp repair kit

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    Stardupp SUP repair kit


    Introducing the Stardupp SUP Repair Kit, your convenient solution for quickly and effectively repairing small holes in your SUP board. This repair kit includes two pieces of PVC material and a tube of glue, allowing you to easily and quickly fix minor damages, keeping your SUP always in top condition.

    This kit is extremely user-friendly, even if you have no experience with repairs. The set consists of two pieces of PVC material that you can use to cover the damaged area and a tube of glue to firmly hold the PVC in place. This seals the hole, ensuring your SUP remains fully functional. The materials in the kit are durable and of high quality, so you can trust that your repair will be effective for a long time.

    With the Stardupp SUP Repair Kit on hand, you're always ready to perform minor repairs and extend the lifespan of SUP boards. It's a must-have SUP accessory for every SUP owner, ensuring you can always enjoy top-quality performance. Order the repair kit today and receive this essential addition to your SUP accessories.

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