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Stardupp Revolt kneeboard


The Stardupp Revolt kneeboard is a super cool and stiff board that allows to easily make sharp corners. The board is suited for a more aggressive style of riding. The elliptical shape makes the board turn fast, which makes it also super playfull. The revolt kneeboard is just the right size to accommodate most older children, teens and adults. It's the perfect boating kneeboard to share.

The width of the board gives you the stability you want when kneeboarding, while the grooves on the bottom give you grip on the water without losing the playfulness in the board. The elliptical and sharp shape combined with the sharp edges make it possible to cut harder and hold an edge better in turns.  The seat is made from comfortable foam rubber which gets grippy when it’s wet. The smart hook-holder on the front ensures that you can easily hook up the towing line and handle when starting. The strap on top is wide enough to hold you tight but narrow enough to turn and jump easily and quickly.

Specifications :

  • Deep collapsible hook-holder makes it easier to launch
  • V-grooves for grip
  • Single kneeboard strap
  • Comfortable foam knee pad
  • Weight: 5.4 kg
  • Maximum user weight 100 kg
  • Board length: 133 cm
  • Board width: 53 cm
Article codeSD-005