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Stardupp Kayak seat bag


Stardupp Kayak Seat Bag - Handy Storage Bag for your Kayak Seat
The Stardupp Kayak Seat Bag is the ultimate solution to easily store your small items during your SUP/kayak adventures. This bag is easy to attach to your Kayak seat thanks to the bag/footrest clips provided at the back. With a handy zip closure, you always have quick and easy access to your sunscreen, water bottle, t-shirt or, for example, a small towel.


  • Easy Attachment: The bag can be effortlessly attached to your Stardupp Kayak seat thanks to the clips already present on the seat. This means you can set off quickly. (Not possible in combination with footrest)
  • Handy Storage: Measuring 25x30x12 cm, the Kayak Seat Bag offers plenty of space for all your small essentials. Whether you want to carry a snack, drinks, clothes or other small items, this bag keeps everything organised and within easy reach.
  • Quick and Easy Access: The zip closure provides quick and easy access to your belongings. Whether you're on the move or taking a break, you'll always have quick access to your essential items.

The Stardupp Kayak Seat Bag makes kayaking on SUP Boards even more fun and convenient. Keep your essentials organised and within easy reach so you can enjoy your adventures on the water. Order today and get ready for a hassle-free kayaking experience!

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