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Stardupp Guard Elite SUP 11'2 Set


Stardupp Guard Elite SUP 11'2 Set


Unrivaled Stability and Buoyancy
Introducing the Stardupp Guard Elite SUP 11'2 Set, an incredibly stable allround touring board designed for versatility and convenience on the water. Ideal for paddleboarding with your partner, child, or dog, practicing yoga, or for those seeking extra stability or buoyancy.

Superior Quality with the Stardupp Elite Series SUP Boards
The Stardupp Guard is part of the elite series. All Stardupp Elite SUP boards are produced using Double Layer USL Fusion technology, resulting in boards that excel in weight, stiffness, and durability. The glueless thermal fusion process significantly reduces weight while increasing material strength, stiffness, and durability. These Elite SUP boards can handle higher pressure and a higher rider weight.

Key Features:

  1. Streamlined Shape for Effortless Paddling: The streamlined pointed nose aids in cutting through the water, improving overall efficiency and ease of paddling.
  2. Generous Width and Flat Tail: The wide width and flat tail contribute to extra stability, making it perfect for paddleboarding with your partner, child, or dog, SUP yoga, or for anyone desiring extra stability and buoyancy.
  3. Crocodile EVA Foam: Crocodile EVA foam on the top of the SUP provides an ideal grip and comfort during paddling, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.
  4. Convenient Luggage Elastics: Two luggage elastics offer space for additional gear. Ideal when you want to bring extra SUP accessories or when using the front elastic for your Dog Pad.
  5. Four D-Rings: Easily attach a kayak seat and transform the SUP into a kayak.
  6. Slide-in Racing Fin: Easy to mount slide in racing fin for excellent tracking, allowing you to glide smoothly through the water.
  7. Convenient Trolley Backpack: Transport your SUP easily and comfortably with the wheeled backpack. Spacious enough to effortlessly carry the SUP and all accessories.

Go Paddleboarding with Your Dog!
With the Dogpad from Stardupp, you and your furry friend can embark on adventures together. The Stardupp Guard Elite SUP offers enough space for a Dog Pad, allowing your best friend to join you on every adventure. The Stardupp Dog Pad will keep your SUP protected from scratches.

Prefer a Kayak Tour with Your SUP Board?
Easily transform your SUP board into a kayak. The Stardupp Guard Elite features four D-rings on the top of the board, allowing you to attach a kayak seat. By attaching the separately available Stardupp Ultra Kayak Blade to the standard supplied Stardupp Ultra SUP paddle, you're ready for a beautiful kayak journey.

For an enhanced SUP kayak experience, we recommend checking out the Stardupp footrest.

All Stardupp SUP boards come with a 3 year warranty.


The Stardupp Guard SUP Set includes:

  • Stardupp Y-2 pump 20 Psi with 3 settings: High volume, high pressure, and deflate.
  • Stardupp Pro leash: Never lose your SUP with the up to 5 meter retractable ankle leash.
  • Stardupp Ultra SUP paddle: Adjustable aluminum paddle (165-215 cm).
  • Stardupp Slide Racing fin: For stable paddleboarding.
  • Stardupp Trolley backpack with wheels: Fully open zipper SUP backpack where you can store all your SUP accessories.
  • Step by step manual.

Choose the Stardupp Guard Elite SUP 11'2 Set and Start your Adventure!

Article codeSD-182
Length (cm)340 cm
Width (cm)84 cm
Thickness (cm)15 cm
Volume (liter)360 L
Board weight (kg)10.5 kg
Max rider weight (kg)170 kg
Max. payload (kg)360 kg
Finslide-in Racing
Max. PSI