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Stardupp Elite Pro Airtrack 4m 20cm

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Buy your Airtrack 4 meters 20 cm thickness from StardUpp

This is your new StardUpp Flow Airtrack! The StardUpp Flow Airtrack is specifically designed for enthusiasts of gymnastics, gymnastics, freerunning, judo, yoga, judokas, and karate kids. The 4-meter StardUpp Flow Airtrack with a thickness of 20 cm is ideal for any enthusiast of the mentioned sports.

The Stardupp Elite Pro AirTrack with his 20 cm thickness is designed with serious athletes in mind. With its generous 20 cm thickness, this mat provides the perfect cushioning and support to minimise injuries and promote peak performance. Whether you are training jumps, flips, or jump combinations, this AirTrack is there to support you.

StardUpp Flow Airtrack accessories

At StardUpp, we understand the importance of a complete set. That's why the StardUpp Flow Airtrack comes with all the necessary accessories to make your Airtrack experience complete.

Airtrack electric pump

This powerful pump ensures quick inflation and deflation, allowing you to start your exercises in a flash and pack up just as quickly. It's easy to use and offers optimal air circulation for peak performance.

Airtrack carrying bag with zipper

Protect your Airtrack on the go or when storing it. This sturdy zipper carrying bag ensures your Airtrack stays safe and clean, wherever you go.

Airtrack repair kit

Accidents happen, but with our repair kit, you're prepared for anything. This kit ensures your Airtrack remains in perfect condition, allowing you to always enjoy peak performance.

Airtrack valve key

For perfect control over airflow. This valve key ensures safe and effective regulation of the air in your Airtrack, so you always have the desired firmness.

Airtrack manual

Don't worry, we've explained everything step by step. Our manual gives you all the information you need to get the most out of your StardUpp Flow Airtrack.

Our Airtrack range also includes other models, so you can always find the perfect match for your needs. If you prefer a thicker model, opt for the StardUpp Elite Pro Airtrack with a thickness of 20 cm. StardUpp Airtracks always come with a 3 years warranty! This ensures that you are investing in a good and durable product.

Article codeSD-241
ModelElite Pro
Length400 cm
Width100 cm
Thickness20 cm