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Stardupp Airtrack Bag

Stardupp Stardupp Airtrack Bag
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    The Stardupp Airtrack Bag


    The solution for hassle-free transport and storage of your Stardupp Airtrack. We understand that transporting your Airtrack safely and conveniently is a top priority. That's why we offer this custom-made bag in different sizes, each tailored to fit seamlessly with different Airtrack sizes.

    Select the Stardupp Airtrack Bag that fits the dimensions of your Airtrack:

    • For the 3m x 10cm Airtrack: Dimensions of 72x24x20cm.
    • For the 4m x 10cm Airtrack: Dimensions of 76x26x24cm.
    • For the 5m x 10cm Airtrack: Dimensions of 77x29x27cm.
    • For the 3m x 20cm Airtrack: Dimensions of 76x26x24cm.
    • For the 4m x 20cm Airtrack: Dimensions of 77x29x27cm.

    Our Stardupp Airtrack bags are carefully designed with your convenience and protection in mind. They offer a snug and secure fit and protect your Airtrack from possible damage during transport and storage. Sturdy handles and reliable zips ensure ease of use, while the spacious interior provides ample space not only for your Airtrack, but also for any additional accessories you may need.

    No matter the size of your Airtrack, we have the perfect bag to match.