The USL Fusion manufacturing technique is a technique developed by Stardupp. All Stardupp SUP boards are made using this USL Fusion technology, resulting in boards that are superior in lightweight, stiffness and durability. Because the thermal fusion process is glueless, weight is drastically reduced while material strength, stiffness and durability are increased. Compared to a traditional SUP construction where glue is used between material layers on the deck and bottom, the USL Fusion technology is far superior. All Stardupp SUPs feature this USL Fusion technology.





SUP Boards are made with the drop stitch technique. Dropstitch means that thousands of nylon or polyester threads are woven between the two PVC layers. These threads make sure that the SUP can handle high pressure without losing its shape. A high quality drop stitch has a high density of threads. This high density of threads also allows the SUP to be inflated harder, sometimes up to 22 psi. The average sup board can be inflated to 15 psi. The harder a board is inflated, the stiffer the board is. A board with more stiffness makes for a better SUP experience.

EVA Deck

The Diamond EVA foam on the top of the board provides the ideal grip and comfort while supping.

D- Rings

The boards are equipped with four D-rings on the top of the board. The function of these D-rings is that it allows you to attach a kayak seat to the board. This makes it possible to transform the SUP board into a kayak. The standard paddle that comes with every Stardupp SUP board is the Stardupp Magnum aluminum paddle. It is possible to transform this paddle from SUP to kayak paddle. Stardupp offers a kayak/peddle blade attachment that easily attaches to the Magnum, this makes it possible to turn the current SUP paddle into a kayak paddle.