The USL Fusion manufacturing technology is a technique developed by Stardupp. All Stardupp SUP boards are made using this USL Fusion technology, resulting in boards that are superior in lightweight, stiffness and durability. Because the thermal fusion process is glueless, weight is drastically reduced while material strength, stiffness and durability are increased. Compared to traditional SUP construction where glue is used between material layers on the deck and bottom, USL Fusion technology is far superior. All Stardupp SUPs feature this USL Fusion technology. In short: Stronger, stiffer, more stable and durable.


Dropstitch Core

SUP Boards are made using the dropstitch technique. Dropstitch means that thousands of nylon or polyester threads are woven between the PVC layers. These threads ensure that the SUP boards can handle high pressure without losing its shape. A high-quality dropstitch has high density threads. Stardupp uses this high density of threads which makes the boards more stable, stiffer and also does not flex. The combination between this Dropstitch Core and the Stardupp USL Fusion Technology allows SUP boards to be inflated harder resulting in much better sailing characteristics. The harder a board is inflated, the stiffer the board is. A board with more stiffness ensures a better SUP experience.


Reinforced Side Rail

The Side Rail is the side of a SUP board. In Stardupp SUPs, this is the strongest part of the board. In fact, under the Side Rail there is an extra rail reinforcement which makes the boards stiffer but also stronger.


EVA Foam Deck

Stardupp uses a 5mm thick High Density Crodocile EVA foam on the top of the boards this gives the ideal grip and comfort while supping.



All Stardupp sup boards are equipped with at least four stainless steel D-rings on the top of the board (except for the Skillz). The function of these D-rings is that it allows a kayak seat to be attached to the board. This makes it possible to transform the SUP board into a kayak. The standard paddle that comes with every Stardupp SUP board is the Stardupp Ultra aluminium paddle. It is possible to transform this paddle from SUP to kayak paddle. Stardupp offers a kayak/paddle blade attachment that easily attaches to the Ultra paddle, this makes it possible to turn the current SUP paddle into a kayak paddle.


High Pressure Valve

Stardupp's boards feature a push and twist high pressure valve which are very reliable and easy to use. This valve can be opened or closed with one finger.


All-round or Racing Fin

All Sup boards sets from Stardupp come with one fin, either an all-round or a more luxurious and larger racing fin. Sometimes people think that the stability of a Sup board comes from the fin or fins. This is not the case, stability comes from the width size of the board and not from the fin or fins. The fin is meant to give a board tracking/course, i.e. sailing straight ahead without having to correct too much with your paddle. A large central centre fin gives this tracking in the water and the minimal small fins do not.



All sets come with the 3-piece aluminium Stardupp Ultra paddle. The Stardupp Ultra paddle is adjustable between: 165-205cm. The Stardupp Ultra SUP Paddle has a reinforced PP blade and Aluminium handle. This makes the paddle light and strong compared to other SUP board paddles. It is possible to transform this paddle into a kayak paddle. Stardupp offers a separate kayak blade attachment that can be attached to the Stardupp Ultra paddle. This way, you don't have to buy a whole new paddle, but can convert the current Ultra to a kayak paddle.


Double Action Pump

All Stardupp SUP boards come with a Double Action SUP Pump. With a double action pump, you pump up the inflatable twice as fast. The pump has a bayonet closure, ideal for SUPs, kayaks and dinghies. The pump holds up to 20 psi and a pressure gauge is included.



To transport your SUP board safely and efficiently, each set comes with a suitable bag. The Stardupp ZIP Backpack is very easy to use due to its fully opening zip. The Trolley Backpack Deluxe even features wheels and multiple storage compartments.



A luxury neoprene-lined Leash is supplied with all Stardupp SUP boards. All boards are also equipped with at least one D-ring to attach your leash. This D-ring is actually always located on the back side of the SUP board. This prevents you from tripping over the Leash when you are Supping.


Luggage Elastic

All boards have a Bungee System which is designed for your luggage. When going out on your SUP, it is always nice to be able to carry a towel, a bottle of water, sunscreen or maybe a t-shirt. A good board is therefore often equipped with a crossed elastic band to carry your stuff on the water. On the high-end boards, you often even see two or three crossed luggage elastic bands.