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Stardupp opblaasbaar Air Platform

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    The Stardupp Platform is an inflatable island that can be used for various water activities.

    With a load capacity of 265 kg, the Stardupp Platform is suitable for supporting 3 adults and 1 child at the same time. It offers the opportunity to experience all kinds of activities together or alone. Think of activities such as yoga, swimming, fishing or simply to relax in order to completely unwind. The Platform also serves perfectly as a launching platform for various water sports such as wakeboarding, kneeboarding and water skiing.


    The Stardupp Platform was created using USL Fusion technology. A production technique in which the multiple PVC layers of the iSUP are joined together by means of thermal fusion (by heating). This technique makes the platform superior in stiffness, light weight and durability. The dropstitch PVC is very durable as this material is highly resistant to UV radiation. This gives the Stardupp Platform an extra long lifespan.


    The Stardupp Platform weighs 15 kg, and is equipped with 6 handles divided over the 4 sides, making it easy to transport the platform. In addition, the Stardupp Platform is 250 cm long, 160 cm wide and 15 cm thick. For example, the Platform has an area of ​​4 m2. There are 4 D-rings on top of the platform deck. These D-rings serve as an attachment point to attach the Platform to.


    This board has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Due to the excellent quality of all Stardupp boards, Stardupp offers a 3 year warranty as opposed to the industry standard of 1 year.

    • Model: Stardupp Platform
    • Material: PVC
    • Maximum air pressure: 8 PSI
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • Load capacity: 265 kg
    • 4 D-rings
    • Dimensions: 250 x 160 x 15 cm
    • Factory warranty: 3 years


    Article codeSD-041