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Stardupp Limited SUP 11'6 Set - Allround SUP Board

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Stardupp Limited SUP 11'6 Set - Allround SUP Board

The Stardupp Limited is the most stable board from Stardupp. The wide design in combination with the length of the board makes it one of the easiest boards to get started on. The all-round shape with a round nose makes it a very stable board to learn paddle boarding, big enough for the whole family and strong enough for heavier suppers. The Limited is great in all conditions. The perfect board for Suppers who are looking for an easy board with a high load capacity.

All Stardupp SUP boards are made using USL Fusion technology. A production technique in which the multiple PVC layers of the iSUP are joined together by means of thermal fusion (by heating). This technique makes the SUPs superior in rigidity, lightweight and durability. Partly due to this technology, Stardupp boards can be inflated harder than boards from other brands in the same price range. The Diamond EVA foam on the top of the SUP offers the ideal grip and comfort during supping. The elasticband makes it possible to take gear on the board while paddleboarding, without losing it along the way.

This board has four D-rings on the top of the board. These D-rings offer the possibility to attach a kayak seat to the board. This makes it possible to transform the SUP board into a kayak. By connecting the separately available Stardupp Magnum Kayak Blade to the standard supplied Stardupp Magnum paddle, you are ready for a beautiful kayak trip.

Due to the excellent quality of all Stardupp boards, Stardupp offers a 3 year warranty as opposed to the industry standard of 1 year.


This set comes with:

  • the Stardupp Double Action Pump 20 Psi. Bravo (2x faster, 2x lighter pumps)
  • the Stardupp Leash (ankle strap)
  • the Stardupp Magnum (adjustable aluminum paddle 160-220cm)
  • the Stardupp Slide fin
  • the Stardupp SUP backpack (backpack for iSUP, pump and paddle)
  • Step by step guide


Article codeSD-032
Length (cm)350
Width (cm)85
Thickness (cm)15
Volume (liter)360
Board weight (kg)9
Max rider weight (kg)150
Max. payload (kg)325
Max. PSI15 PSI